Surf Designs

As with most things in life, the more you practice the better you get. I surfed everyday possible, and in some years -over 350 days. Surfing became a passion, a bordered obsession. At times over- powering anything else in my life. 

Surfing since 1965 and shaping full-time since 1975, I have stayed on the cutting edge of surfboard design and innovation. Ongoing research and development, combined with input from my team riders, keeps me stoked on shaping. 

I have always put 100% effort into each board I shape and I don't have other shapers working for me. I'll take the time to do it right... taking pride in my work and giving my customers the best product possible.

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Novak Surfboards

​​I've shaped and glassed over 10,000 boards; most with my name and some for other labels. We are one of the few manufacturers who still produce hand-shaped boards. I had and still do have a burning desire to create a better board.